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Batagram and Elahi Village

Status: Project completed

Location: Batagram region; including Elahi village

Population: Batagram region: 10,000 people
Elahi village: 300 people

Shelter Provision:
  • 8 two ply canvas tents sent to Elahi
  • 15 Panaflex tents to Elahi
  • 3 single fly parachute tents given to Omar Asghar Foundation for Batagram @ PKR 2700
  • 10 tents sent to Omar Asghar Foundation for Batagram

Distribution Route:
1. Omer Asghar Foundation: Offshoot of the SUNGI Foundation, providing shelter to Batagram

2. Locals of Village Elahi: Elahi-residents, and current lower administrative staff for at the Karachi-office of an MNC personally believed and set up tents for their own families.

Contact person at village:

We share Niaz’s story, an employee in Karachi – a survivor from the village of Elahi. With an original population of 300 people, Elahi village had approximately 100 of its residents perish in the earthquake. Most of the houses in the villages are made of mud and could not withstand the quake – what is left now are a few standing structures, which the villages are afraid to enter, and flattened houses.

Niaz explained that at the time of our donation, there had been no government aid in Elahi. Choppers once air dropped food, however it was dropped from such a height that all the containers broke upon contact with the ground. Although we have given single-fly tents in this higher-plain area, the desperation is such that Niaz was very happy with the tents and conveys his thanks to our donors who made this shelter available to him and his family.     

Tracking Updates:

10th November 2005: 15 Panaflex tents mobilized to Elahi as a facilitation project for an MNC.

21st October 2005: 18 tents ordered on the 18th October were dispatched.

20th October 2005: 3 single ply parachute tents delivered

18th October 2005: Ordered 18 winterized tents of PKR 3500 each, of water proof canvas, double-ply material, with two sides open(receipt).