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Facilitation of Shelter Purchase For Education for Human Development (EHD)

Location: Tents distributed on EHD's discretion in the villages it operates in: Haroot, Dhak, Mandani, Bakhnal, Chatarian, Nakar, Nadhrean, Rangali and Barrian

About E.H.D.:

EHD is a small Islamabad-based grassroots organization that RSD has partnered with in Pakistan.

EHD's recent activities prior to the quake included:

  • Installing 200 hand pumps around the country
  • setting up 15 schools in urban slums (katchi abadis)
  • Establishing 54 one-day medical camps.

For the earthquake disaster some of their activities include:

  • Set-up tent schools
  • Distributing 1270 blankets, 379 tents, 10 truck loads of food
  • Set up one-day medical camps
  • Adopted Faraash through provision of basically daily requirements.
Future plans are to:
  • Set up a hospital in Kashmir.
  • Set up several schools in affected regions.
  • Provide more tents to those located in lower altitudes
  • Provide tin-sheet housing for higher altitudes

Shelter Provision:
  • 15 panaflex tents at PKR 300 each
  • 119 tents @ PKR 2500 each
  • Two cartons of blankets

Distribution Route: Chosen and specified to us by the E.H.D. tents sent to EHD office in Islamabad 

Tracking Updates:

10th November 2005: Facilitated 119 Panaflex tents to EHD through EHD's funds @ 2500 PKR each

  • 75 tents were for 12 persons each,
  • 44 tents we for 6 persons each.
Delivery made to Faraash Town, a village in the Bagh District.

5th November 2005: Two cartons of blankets were received as donations to RSD and mobilized to EHD.