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Q: What is your overhead cost? How much of my donation will go towards tents?

All of your donations will be going towards purchasing shelter, as there is no overhead cost associated with this initiative. However, if the donation is made online, Paypal does charge a small percentage per credit card transaction.

Q: Are donations tax-deductible?

Donations up to this point have not been tax-deductible. However, in the United States, RSD has partnered with the Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP). Association for the Development of Pakistan is a non-profit charitable organization as determined by Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service, tax ID# 20-0022158. In the Unites States, your gift to Association for the Development of Pakistan towards Relief Shelter Drive is tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Q: I have heard of the groups Relief Tent Drive and Tents for Quake - how are they different from you?

They're not - we're the same initiative. This drive initially began on October 18, 2005, collecting funds for tents. As the first heavy snow fall is predicted by mid-November, the group is also looking for alternative forms of shelter apart from just tents. As a result, we now refer to ourselves as the Relief Shelter Drive.

Q: I have been hearing reports that there are a lot of tents available in Pakistan, and many are being sold on the black market. How do I know that my donation will reach those that need it?

The RSD team is working with tried and tested grassroots distribution networks to ensure that the shelter purchased with your donations is being delivered to the villages we have identified in our strategy. We also hope to provide as much photographic evidence as we can of the areas where we are trying to distribute and set up shelter.

Q: Why should I donate to you and not to a larger organization with more resources?

The RSD team is utilizing a distribution network to reach areas that have received bare minimum aid and are not being served by the government or any relief organization. Further, the team is trying its best to guarantee that your donation will be used in the most effective manner with no overhead cost


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