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The Relief Shelter Drive team is pleased to announce its following partners who are assisting us in our efforts:

1. Association for the Development of Pakistan is a US-based non-profit charitable organization as determined by Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service, tax ID# 20-0022158. Your gift to towards Association for the Development of Pakistan for the Relief Shelter Drive is tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by U.S. law. To donate online from anywhere in the world click here.

2. Nomad Volunteers: consisting of a loose group of international vo1lunteers, self-named Nomad Volunteers has been setting up shelter and engaging in distribution of aid in the Bagh valley, and were the first to set up a prototype of a bori shelter model in Surul Valley(photos). Our primarily contact within Nomad Volunteers was Imran Saithna (who is now back in the UK) and Wesley Olson (who is currently based out of Islamabad, although is a volunteer here from LA). Nomad Volunteers’ primary source of funds has been through RSD, and we continue to work with them to help distribute shelter in areas they have been volunteering in. Through working with this group, RSD has received publicity on (read article)

3. Group of individuals in Hong Kong, who ordered 250+ tents from their own funds more than three weeks ago. These winterized tents will be arriving within a week or so (they were being shipped) and will most likely be distributed in lower plain regions to those affected by the quake, as tents are still viable in those areas (i.e. Islamabad/Pindi etc.)

4. Indus Earth – is working in the two villages of Kaffal Garh and Hans Chowki. RSD has gathered information of their plans for reconstruction, and have collaborated with them by purchasing tin sheets from RSD funds to distribute to villagers in those particular villages

5 . EHD – RSD has been working heavily with teams of EHD who have been doing needs’ assessments, and RSD has been facilitating and/or purchasing different forms of shelter as identified by these teams.

6 . An independent group of Architects, informally known as JAAG Pakistan, have constructed a prototype of a bori shelter model in Karachi. RSD partnered with JAAG to replicate this prototype in the village of Bela (near Balakot) in NWFP, and benefited and passed on the knowledge