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Tin-sheets and Reusable Debris Homes

Insulating: Non-insulating and in fact a good conductor so it is a bad option for keeping the cold out - but with locals we have found ways to work around this limitation effectively.

Water resistant, fire resistant, slightly shock-proof

Set up: Takes 16 sheets of 12X13 ft. corrugated tin sheets to make one tin house. Villagers previously also made homes with tin-sheets, wood and stone, this comes naturally to them in some areas. They basically need the hammering tools and were requesting sheets. The walls are made with stone and wood that are still in re-usable condition from their previous homes.

The homes are made by setting a plinth and using existing wood and stones from the old hours to make a 12x12 room. From 2-2.5 feet from the ground the home is lined with hardboard - and between the steel and hardboard they stuff grass for insulation. The front has a 3ft foot door and the back an area built in for the fireplace.

Tin sheets known as "chaddar" in local language.

One sheet costs 500 PKR. Total cost of one Tin house is approximately 10000 PKR including transportation and accessories costs.

Durability: At least 2 years, depending on how well built it is.

Facilitation and affiliation with EHD (Further exploring option and studying its feasibility)